Tips For Your Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System

If you prefer placing and growing your plants in a pot, there is also a good hydroponic system that can be built with it. This system is also easy to understand and maintain for it can accommodate pots of various sizes. This hydroponic system is called the flood and drain or more commonly known as the ebb and flow system.

So, how does this ebb and flow system work for your plants?

In a drain table, individual potted plants, usually not larger than 24-inched plants, are placed carefully. This drain table holds water in a low level where in nutrient solution is pumped in which is initially stored in a reservoir below it. Pumping is scheduled to operate with a timer that keeps the growing media moist all the time. Also, the amount of solution that goes up in the tray or drain table is controlled by an overflow fitting.

After these pots are soaked for a few minutes, the pump cuts off and the solution in the drain table or tray flows back down and out of the pump and the nutrient solution is stored back again to the reservoir. This cycle is repeated 2-4 times a day until everything is fully absorbed.

As you can see, this ebb and flow system guarantees utmost nurturing because every feeding is controlled and scheduled at the proper time. You do not have to worry if your plants are properly fed as long as your pump and overflow fitting is functioning the way it should be. In the ebb and flow system, your plants are ensured that they get the required nutrients for its effective growth.

Once you decide in getting the ebb and flow system for your plants, there are a few things you must never forget to maximize its full potential as the perfect hyrdoponic system for your choice of plants.

You must remember that the pump should have the proper pressure to lift the water from the reservoir to the drain table. Never opt for placing the reservoir not under the tray in case you can not find the right pump because the water together with the nutrient solution needs to flow down again whenever the pump already turns off.

It is also as important to make sure that the overflow fittings fit perfectly your drain table. Most of these holes are 1 inch in size. As mentioned, the overflow fitting is also responsible for the amount of nutrient solution that goes up to the drain table so I don’t think you would want to have the improper amount supplied to your plants.

The drain table must be flooded to only about 80 percent of the whole level of the growing medium. This is important because if it grows too deep, the growing medium will make your potted plants and will eventually tip over.

Regarding the content of your solution, after adding the nutrients, adjust the pH level. To get accurate results on pH levels, just get a reliable pH test kit. This purchase is totally worth it because it will help you determine if your plants are situated in a good ideal environment.

These are just some of the most important points to remember when having your own ebb and flow system. Just check and monitor all of these details and in no time, I am sure you will witness your plants come to its full maturity and growth.


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